September Webinar

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September Webinar Scheduled for September 16, 2020, 6:30pm-7:30pm MDT

Dr. E.Joy Bowles and Lora Cantele will discuss the making of (un)well and take your questions about the documentary. Make sure to watch the first episode before the webinar!


Lora Cantele is a Registered Clinical Aromatherapist with a special focus on children with disabilities. In 2009-10, she worked as a consultant and practitioner offering her expertise to a Children’s Home in which the residents were non-verbal children (aged 2 months-18 years old) suffering from life-limiting illnesses. The program was jointly conducted with the skilled nursing team at the Marklund Children’s Home and the pediatric team at Journey Care, the largest palliative and hospice facility in Illinois. Lora provided aromatherapeutic interventions as part of a multidisciplinary team. In 2014, she conducted a study that investigated the use of essential oils for children previously unsuccessful for children undergoing Brain Integration Therapy®. She is a co-author of the Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Handbook for Everyday Wellness and the editor/publisher of the International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy.

Dr E. Joy Bowles is best known for her contribution to the understanding of essential oil chemistry in the aromatherapy community. After completing her Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Organic Chemistry and Cell Biology, she developed the first course in essential oil chemistry in Australia in 1991. The third edition of her book "The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils" (Allen & Unwin, 2003) is still used as a text in many aromatherapy courses around the world.

In 2007 she gained her PhD on the effect of essential oils on cognitive function in dementia. After motherhood and working in chronic disease management, Joy has returned to share her chemistry and pharmacology understanding with a new generation of essential oil enthusiasts, aromatherapists and health practitioners. In 2016 she attended the Botanica conference in England, and was invited to present in the Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy College's World Expert series in Hong Kong.

In 2017 she presented two webinars for the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association, developed a 10-week webinar series titled “How Essential Oils Work on the Body”, and a one-day “Inside Aromatherapy” workshop. In 2018 she collaborated with the Tisserand Institute to create the Foundational Chemistry webinar series, and presented a 2 day “Joy of Chemistry” workshop 20-21 October in Longmont, Colorado, as well as several other offerings of the “Inside Aromatherapy” workshop, and a 21-hour webinar series titled “Refreshing Chemistry”. Dr Bowles was the key-note speaker at the annual NAHA conference in Salt Lake City, Utah (23-28 October 2018), and her talk on the psychological effects of essential oils included insights on dementia gained from her PhD, and current research on the neurobiology of olfaction.

Research-wise, in 2017-18 Joy collaborated with Peta Day (Paperbark Oils), and Monica Witsch (naturopath and aromatherapist) on the Fragonia Collaboration. This is a practitioner-led group on Facebook collecting case-study information on the therapeutic uses of Fragonia oil (Agonis fragrans). She is also collaborating with Dr Tamara Agnew and Dr Jessie Hawkins and Christy Hires from the Franklin Institute of Wellness to investigate various aspects of the practice of aromatherapy and the use of essential oils.

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