CPD Provider Fees

Congratulations on your decision to be an AIA Recognized CPD Provider! AIA Recognized CPD Providers are committed to holding the highest standards for your educational program in service to not only your students, but also the field of aromatherapy.

 The duration of “Recognized CPD Provider” status is for two (2) years, after which the status expires if AIA does not receive a renewal application. The effective standard two-year period date will be on the first day of the month following the month of approval by the AIA Board.

Providers planning to renew their “Recognized CPD Provider” status should submit their renewal application three (3) months prior to the expiration date of their listing. There is a $75 “Lapse Fee” for those providers who do not reapply in time, but if the application to renew is received before the expiration date of their current provider listing on the AIA web site. The standard $75 application fee applies for renewal. The AIA will send you a renewal packet four (4) months prior to your school listing’s expiration.

Your listing fee covers three (3) CPD Programs. You may submit additional courses during the two (2) years of your listing for an additional $25 fee per course.

Initial Application Fee is $75 by email/digital. Full payment of Recognized CPD Provider Fees will be due after approval of Recognized CPD Provider application.

Two-Year Listing 

Provider listing (3 courses) – $250 
Additional courses – $25 each   

Renewal Application Fee is $75 by email/digital. 

Two-Year Listing– Renewal

Provider listing (3 courses) – $250 
Additional courses – $25 each

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Thank you for participating in the AIA CPD Provider Recognition Program

AIA Board of Directors