Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the Membership annually. Some positions are elected for a two-year period.

Nancy d'Angelo 

Nancy d'Angelo, CCA - President (Exp 2017)
With knowledge and understanding of aromatherapy and what the public is looking for, I believe I would prove to be an asset in keeping our organization moving forward with vision and action. As a co-founder of AIA, it’s my utmost desire to keep things clear and concise. I have been privileged to study with some of the finest minds in aromatherapy today. I have worked in the clinical setting over 8 years, and in teaching aromatherapy 15 years. I own and operate a full service essential oil company, supplying the public, hospitals, hospice and health care clinics with quality essential oils and custom blends.

Eileen Cristina, LMT, CA - Vice-President (Exp 2017)
Eileen Cristina is owner of Kneading Wellness, a Barnes’ Myofascial Release therapist and Clinical Aromatherapist with a 20-year, full-time practice. She is Board Certified in Integrative Health by the American Association of Integrative Medicine. As part of a Complimentary Alternative Medicine program, Ms. Cristina taught clinical aromatherapy introduction to nursing students at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia for eight years. She also teaches at the Lancaster School of Massage in Pennsylvania and teaches privately. She has been published in several industry journals and magazines. With compassion and dedication, she is a long-time volunteer serving the needs of first responders and others through her work with disaster relief organizations such as Serving Those Who Serve. She is a peer-reviewer for the International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapy. She previously served on the AIA Board from 2009-2010 and continues to serve on the Education Committee.

Colleen Thompson

Colleen Thompson, RA, EOT - Secretary (Exp 2017)
Colleen Thompson has worked in the field of Aromatherapy since 1995 and has been a Registered Aromatherapist® since 1997. Colleen has owned 3 aromatherapy stores over the course of her career however her main focus these days is teaching Aromatherapy Certification through her school Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies. Colleen has sat on many Boards in a variety of capacities.

Carol Scheidel

Carol Scheidel, RN, CCAP - Treasurer (Exp 2018)
Carol Scheidel has a passion for aromatherapy & a passion for professionalism.  She is a Registered Nurse and became a Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner in 2005. Carol assumed ownership of RJ Buckle, LLC in March 2016, when Jane Buckle, RN, PhD retired.  She previously practiced clinical aromatherapy in a large hospital in Fort Worth, Texas where she was also the nurse ethicist.  Carol continues to consult and teach aromatherapy and ‘M’ Technique®?. She has presented at international aromatherapy conferences in Mexico, Japan, France and Hong Kong. She has been a member of AIA since 2011 and has served on the AIA Board since 2014.


Michelle Bardwell (Exp 2017)
Michelle Bardwell, Founder and President of Flower Road, LLC has spent a lifetime merging her passion for physical and planetary wellness with her innate entrepreneurial savvy. Always one to passionately and vigorously pursue her interests, Michelle sought out her Clinical Aromatherapy education from one of the world’s leading Naturopathic doctors and Aromatologists—Dr. Patrick Collin. For over 10 years, Michelle studied aromatic medicine extensively under Dr. Collin in the Languedoc Region of southern of France. Her education also includes Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Bach Flower Essences, Clay Therapies and Leech Therapy under the prestigious Madame Anne Portier—a practicing Naturopath in the Drone area of France. 


Jennifer Eden Clark (Exp 2017)

Over the past twenty years I have enjoyed using essential oils for everything from soap-making, cleaning, and personal care products to medicinal uses for my family, friends, and clients.

I became certified in aromatherapy through American College of Healthcare Sciences and also earned a Master’s Diploma. I have been a Registered Aromatherapist since 2010. Since then, to stay current and improve my skills and learning I have taken two courses in Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy from Rhiannon Lewis, attended national conferences and Botanica 2012, and listened to the AIA teleseminars. I also do a fair amount of “Aroma” reading.

I wrote Essential Oil Basics: The Complete Pocket Guide to Safe and Effective Essential Oil Use targeted at all beginning essential oil users and specifically the MLM population for the purpose of giving them sound unbiased information from the start. I am the founder of Learn Essential Oils and Aromatics Ambassador. I believe in bringing people of diverse backgrounds together for the good of the whole aromatherapy community.

I am moving towards collaborating with fellow Aromatherapists to publish their own books, seeing as there are so many who have a wealth of knowledge and experience but not the time or inclination to write a book, because I believe not losing that it very important to advancing aromatherapy as a therapy and a profession.

Anita James, MIFPA, SPdipA, Cert Ed. - Director (Exp 2018)
Anita is a clinical Aromatherapist, holistic practitioner, and owner of Essentially Holistic based in Derbyshire, England. An Aromatherapist for over 15 years, her passion is working with children in educational settings to help overcome emotional and behavioral issues. She teaches Aromatherapy both in the United Kingdom and Asia, and has spoken at international conferences about her work. She offers an online Aromatherapy diploma program and engages with students from all over the world.

With a strong focus on education, Anita served on the Council of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (IFPA) for two terms; first as the Continuing Education (CPD) chair and later as the Education and Accreditation chair. While with the IFPA, she worked with the Education Committee to develop the IFPA’s statement on internal and intense usage. When attending the AIA Conference in 2009, Anita was impressed with the AIA was honored when asked to become the representative for the United Kingdom.


Denise Joswiak, BSN, RN, HNB-BC, CCAP, CA- Director (Exp 2018)
Denise Joswiak created the Aromatherapy program for the Allina Health system.  She has enjoyed teaching patients, families and nurses throughout her 34 years as a nurse. At Allina Health, Denise currently teaches classes involving self-care and integrative therapies.  Denise is the Integrative Health Clinical Site Lead for United Hospital and sits on the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing Nursing Council.  She is co-facilitator of the United Hospital Holistic Nursing Council.  Denise co-authored two research articles and three poster presentations regarding implementation and effectiveness of aromatherapy in the hospital setting.  Her passion is learning and teaching about aromatherapy.

Inga Wieser

Inga Wieser, CMAIA™, AAS - Director (Exp 2017)
The past eight years I have been working in the field of alternative medicine, where I lecture, formulate and sell products in a small store, and conduct consultations for individuals. I have studied at the American College of Healthcare Sciences earning a degree in Aromatherapy, taken a web class with Robert Tisserand, studied with Rhiannon Lewis both in the States and France, and attended conferences and webinars to learn all I can about the safe and effective use of essential oils. I am a Master Herbalist, Certified in Iridology and a Homeopathic Consultant, and Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor.